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You can call this plum wine but it's got plenty of vodka to make it a full-bodied plum liqueur. Make this now with the plums in season! Reap the benefits around Christmas.

Plum Liqueur Recipe

Revolutionary blueberry, cherry and hazelnut muffins are great any time. Plus they're easy to bake.

Revolutionary Blueberry Cherry Muffins Recipe

Yes you can make splendid soup dumplings, soy milk and tofu. and I collaborated on videos and recipes to help you along. The lowdown and links at VWK.

Homemade Shanghai Soup Dumplings and Tofu with Chefsteps

Kaffir Lime Fried Chicken -- a Southeast Asian take on an American favorite. A great recipe.

Ruhlman’s Twenty Leads to Kaffir Lime Fried Chicken Recipe

Shiso vinegar for sodas and cocktails. Make it with summer's bounty of herbs. It won't turn you into a sourpuss. Promise.

Shiso Vinegar for Sodas and Cocktails

How to Buy Tofu -- a short video of practical tips and more at Viet World Kitchen

How to Tell Tofu Textures with Andrea Nguyen, author of Asian Tofu

Clams with fermented tofu, chile and celery. Easy, creamy and delicious. Learn about fermented tofu because it's a great Asian ingredient.

Clams with Fermented Tofu and Chile

My summer grilling season includes this Vietnamese favorite: Grilled Beef in La Lot Wild Betel Leaf!

Grilled Beef in Wild Betel Leaf Recipe (Thit Bo Nuong La Lot)

An excerpt from my upcoming pho cookbook appeared in the Lucky Peach pho issue! Get a link to the story in this VWK post.

The History of Pho and the Future of Viet Food

Young jackfruit and shrimp salad with Thai basil. A Viet dish that's light a great for summer.

Young Jackfruit and Shrimp Salad Recipe (Nom Mit Non)

For your weekend! My A to Z Guide to Dim Sum (plus some recipes!).

An A to Z Guide to Dim Sum

Not to be messed with, especially when Me Gia (Old Mama in Vietnamese) is at her outdoor stove deep frying! Happy Mother's Day. If you need last minute gift ideas, my mom likes practical, affordable kitchen tools.

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Andrea Nguyen

Vietnamese banh gio -- a rice and pork dumpling shaped like little pyramids. Just posted my mom's recipe with a video starring my mom! Enjoy.

Vietnamese Banh Gio Pyramid Dumplings Recipe (and my mom's how-to video)

Meet the pork pibil banh mi, aka, a torta Vietnamita. It's super easy to make, especially if you have a pressure cooker.

Pork Pibil Banh Mi Recipe

How safe are food items from China? I looked in my cupboard and asked a leading Asian food importer and distributor for insights.

How Safe Are Food Items from China?

Apple and walnut coffee cake -- a very easy recipe that I've made twice in four days. Yup, this is how I'm getting through my pho copyedits.

Easy Apple and Walnut Coffee Cake Recipe

I've been unimpressed with beef and black pepper stir-fries at Chinese restaurants. Then I made my own and the result is a zillion times better. I'm now in love with this earthy, simple dish. Try out this Stir-fried Beef and Black Pepper recipe at VWK.

Stir-Fried Beef with Black Pepper Recipe

Make your own sweetened condensed milk! I've tried it 5 times recently and have tips for you, including a vegan option.

Viet World Kitchen

Vegetarian fish sauce recipe! Seriously. It's a fun, easy experiment. It taste alright too.

Vegetarian Fish Sauce Recipe

Red Boat fish sauce being taken from the barrel. This was part of a kosher fish sauce tasting that I did in Vietnam. Details at VWK.

Why Consider Kosher Fish Sauce

Triple ginger coins - An easy little cookie that packs a punch. You can freeze the dough too!

Triple Ginger Coins Recipe

A secret sauce and yogurt marinade makes these fabulously fun. Plus, I baked them. Thanks Chef Dale Talde for the inspiration.

Baked Kung Pao Chicken Wings

Panfried Chinese pork pies (xian bing) are fun to make and fabulous to eat. Recipe and video tips on the site.

Panfried Chinese Pork Pie (Xian Bing) Recipe

Tips on how to plan a Vietnamese-American wedding menu.

How to Plan a Vietnamese-American Wedding Menu

Happy New Year! May the Year of the Monkey bring you a bounty of good food, cheer, and satisfaction.

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Andrea Nguyen