Type in any word(s) and this website will generate handwriting worksheets in block or d'nealian.  I just printed a bunch for B to "practice" the letters in his name.- This would have been handy during student teaching

You can create personalized handwriting worksheets with your kids names or other words you want them to learn. A to Z Teacher Stuff Tools

Letter Crafts and Activities

Letter Of The Week Crafts

Preschool letter of the week curriculum - fun and engaging letter crafts. Alphabet crafts for preschool.

Those CRAZY b's & d's!  too cute!

Those CRAZY b's & d's

I tell my kids that d's wear diapers. They think it is so funny and they remember where to put the circle part! Clara Gigliotti hahaa both good ideas!

10 apps for preschoolers:  1. Montessori Crosswords  2. Handwriting without Tears:  Wet, Dry, Try Capital Letters and Numbers   3. TeachMe Toddler  4. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox  5. Park Math – Duck Duck Moose  6. Bugs and Bubbles  7. PBS Kids Video  8. Farm 123 Free – StoryToys Junior  9. Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids  10. Rover – The Browser for Education

Top 10 Educational Apps for Preschoolers

10 apps for preschoolers - includes some good freebies as well as paid apps. PBS kids video looks like a gem!

Lots and lots of math ideas for kindergarten and 1st grade -- hands on activities (not printables and worksheets)

Hands-On Math Learning For Kindergarten and First Grade

Hands-on learning for math concepts for your and 7 year olds. from Creekside Learning.

Kindergarten: Show and Make Math Numbers 1-10 Supports Common Core. $

Kindergarten: Show and Make Math Numbers 1-10 Supports Common Core

Math is thinking! Math is fun! These worksheets are sure to get your students doing both!This worksheet allows students to creatively demonstrate their understanding of "number-ness".as they respond with various ways to show and ways to make all numbers

Little Miss Glamour Goes To Kindergarten: Tips for creating anchor charts

Using capital letters can be tricky for students. This poster would be a good resource in a classroom learning when to use the capital letters.

Hundreds of online games. Here is what you see when you click on Kindergarten, number!

This is absolutely great: tons of online games organized by school topic to reinforce concepts!

Teaching names as the first sight words at the beginning of Kindergarten

12 Tips to Start a Successful Kindergarten Year

Chicka Chicka Class Book to use students' names tips to start a successful kindergarten year - KindergartenWorks)

Prek and Kindergarten Free Download - Teacher Celebration on Teaching Blog Addict- over 400 FREEBIES!

399+ Pre-k and Kindergarten Free Downloads and Teacher Printables

Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten: alphabet activities

Stamp a Letter -- put magnetic letters into a drawstring bag. Take turns reaching inside and drawing a letter, then stamp the letter with a dot marker on the alphabet recording sheet.

FREE Phonics worksheets

FREE Phonics worksheets

Free kindergarten worksheets to help children develop basic phonics skills by identifying initial sounds in words and matching to letters

Word Study: Feature 1 a, aCe, ?  Students will love sorting these word study cards. Teachers will love seeing them build their vocabulary during wo...

Long A and Short A Matching Game Sort (F1 a, aCe, ?) - King Virtue

Long A and Short A Game Sort Word Study: Feature a, aCe, ? Students will love sorting these word study cards. Teachers will love seeing them build their vocabulary during word study. The pictures included in the sort will help students build a better