Elf on a shelf ideas

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Elf on shelf

"Elfie" found his way into our cabinet and hid in a glass like the photo above. Kids loved it but my unwarned mom about had a fit when she opened the cabinet and found him. The glasses in her hand nearly went flying.

This is funny!

100 Mischievous ELF Ideas (PICTURED HERE: the elf drawing mustaches and glasses on the family photos--use a dry erase marker on the glass-washes off clean!

Elf replaced all the pics in the house w/pics of himself.. HILARIOUS!

100 Mischievous Elf On the Shelf Ideas! This Elf on the Shelf thing is way too much fun.

elf on the shelf

Over 20 free elf on the shelf printables. Elf on the Shelf ideas that the kids will love. Fun and silly Elf on the Shelf ideas using printables.

elf self-portrait. cute!

Elf on a shelf : self portrait pinning it here too to paint just in case I forget also on elf on the shelf board

Elf on a Shelf Scrabble messages (Santa says hi)

Elf on a Shelf Scrabble messages (Santa says hi) . My step-son Carter loves his Elf on the Shelf - Jingles! We had a blast with him last Christmas and look forward to seeing what he stirs up this Christmas!

25 Elf on the Shelf Quick and Easy ideas that take UNDER 5 Mins!

25 Elf on the Shelf QUICK & EASY Ideas that take Under 5 mins! (The Elf on the Shelf things kind of freaks me out.but that one taking a hot air balloon ride in a pair of underpants: Priceless.

maybe start this next Christmas?

101 Elf on the Shelf Ideas. We are going to do the Elf on the shelf this year and FULLY center it around Christ. I will post the ideas that work from this 101 ideas

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