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For kids! Take a 2 liter soda bottle, and poke holes in it. Hook your hose up to it, toss over a tree branch and turn on the water!

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Fun and cute sayings to do with candy bars!!

Teacher Appreciation: Sweet Notes

Cloud Identification Tool

Full of Great Ideas: To the Cloud! DIY Cloud Identification Tool

Hose to Pipe Adapter Fittings - PVC Glue-In Hose End Adapter Fittings. 1/2" pvc to hose end, add an extra rubber washer and screw in 2l bottle for squirt gun.

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Dinosaur Quiz - Weird Dinosaur Names

Did Yamaceratops have a sweet potato for a head? Why would anyone name a dinosaur "Drinker?" Take this quiz and find out!

Dinosaur Quiz - Weird Dinosaur Names Educationfrom Education

Here's How to Translate 'Micropachycephalosaurus' Into Plain English

How Dinosaurs are Named. Guide to Greek words used in Dinosaur Names.

The Greek Words Used to Name Dinosaur

Rock, Mineral or Mohs kits. lots of other fun hobby supplies, science supplies, etc.. neat surplus site!

Arts & Crafts

carnival- easy to make, fun to play with - guaranteed success!

Colorful Catapult | Crafts | Spoonful

"Wipeout" themed party complete with goofy obstacle course. Can I have this for my party?

Best Kids Parties: Wipeout — My Party: Carter (San Antonio, TX)

Make a cipher disk!

Kids Make Stuff - The KidsMakeStuff Cipher Disk

VBS 2012...paricitun volcano...i made for VBS clinic

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FREE right now (usually $ 1), Rocks and Minerals birthday party ideas.

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make the indian "signs" card, laminate, hole punch, pin. use this for the "make a story with a code" and coordinate with coded messages

Trail Signs in a Bag - GSSWAPS

Geology Belt loop/pin hat dingle?

Rock Collection - GSSWAPS

Microscope slide (hat dingle for science belt loop or pin?)

Microscope Slide - GSSWAPS

lab coat for science belt loop hat dingle?

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Inner Child Funfrom Inner Child Fun

How to Make Sponge Bombs

Outdoor water fights! Way better than filling up hundreds of balloons

How to Make Sponge Bombs - Inner Child Fun

o-ring channel for PVC squirt guns and cool modification for water launcher.

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Toysmith 8237 Water Frisbees 5" (too small??) $4.99 + shipping

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G2 Air Foam Flying Disc $6.99. These look sealed though...prob don't absorb water and fling it.

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7" soft flying disc $9.95 shipped

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Water Slinger Floatable Flying Disc. $8.95 shipped : Water Slinger Floatable Flying Disc : Sports & Outdoors

Water Frisbee for Disc Golf beltloop? have a bucket at each "hole" to dip it in. water sprays 360 degrees when thrown. $10.99 + 4.94 shipping.

Robot Check

52 piece wooden dinosaur puzzle 22"Lx4"Wx11.5"H $6.99

Brachiosaurus Jigsaw Wooden Puzzles