A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.  ~Victor Hugo

Mother Gorilla Hugs Baby by Evan Animals, A mother gorilla gently hugs it's 3 year old baby. One of the best things about watching the great apes is to capture a moment like this when they do something so human like.

Burro Amor

A Momma (jennet or jenny) Donkey Cuddles up to her Foal:: D awww.

Perfect timming

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If I lose myself winter kiss snow couple

Just in time for Easter!

snuggle up - baby chicks on rabbit


Hot New York Kisses - slide 24


hecallsmelovely: “ Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. (by Brittney Borowski) ” God forgives all who repent of their sins~we cannot play God and.


couples photography / laying in the grass / legs and feet / engagement shoot

Love Love Love

hmmm I wonder what problem they got their neck`s in a twist over?

Like father like son

sailor and his son. Melt my heart !~very sad that I'll never see my husband in this uniform again. Crackerjacks were my favorite but our time int he Navy is over. Next month we'll be on to bigger better things. No more deployments!


I love old people because they always have beautiful stories to tell. About love, life, everything. Old people are so pure and honest, I love that.

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kitchen dancing

I would love for an engagement shoot to be an "ordinary day" type of style, where the couple just goes about their day together with the photographer grabbing moments. It could be really sweet! Like dancing in the grocery store.

I can't wait to marry you <3

boho collection: wedding couples portrait photography with bright floral headpiece

حب و عشرة و رحمة

Old people in love is something we see frequently now. These old people fell in love when it wasn't okay to just leave each other when things got hard. If it's broken they fix it.

No words necessary...it just works.

The Art of Holding Hands Forever: Pictures of Elderly Couples in Love. "Falling in love is easy. But staying in love is very special.

Us <3

It was a busy morning, about when an elderly gentleman in his arrived at the hospital to have stitches removed from his thumb. He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at am. The nurse took his vital signs and had him take a seat,

lovers. #lovethis ~ME

Inspiring picture beautiful, black and white, camera, couple. Find the picture to your taste!

black and white. relationship goals. couples. love.

Love this picture. He take her hand and dancing in the kitchen. Perfect shoot for prewedding Jenny, I love the kitchen idea. We cook alot!

Rowboat Engagement Photos

Life Is But A Dream

Nothing like a row boat on a lake on a crisp autumn day . great R&R idea for a lazy afternoon with your favorite guy. Besides a cute date, a great photo for engagement shoot.

Re-pin Ximena Aragon: Just as jumping into a pile of leaves brings people back to their childhood jumping in puddles do as well. Not only do puddles make people recall their childhood but standing outside when it is raining and not using an umbrella, it gives a sense of becoming on with the rain and one with nature.

In the rain. Omg,they look so happy:) some man please just grab me and dance in the rain!a no-nonsense girl is grabbed by "him" and danced through puddles on a rainy street.

cannot wait to spend Saturday mornings like this with my husband/soulmate one day couple aesthetic