LOVE my Vintage Cameras

I had some of these and even one further back with the old, old Kodak "Browie." It was a brown box with a lens and simple click system to capture black and white photos that I still have today. This looks impressive? So what do you feel?

Micromobiles: BMW Isetta 300, BMW Isetta 600, Goggomobil T400 // classic and vintage car design

Micromobiles ▶▶▶ BMW Isetta 300 + BMW Isetta 600 + Goggomobil // classic and vintage car design

I want to get this and put a basket on the front and ride to the farmers market in it :)

I love riding my bike on some of the trails up at the rails trail. Bike riding is one of my favorite things about summer.

Vintage camera.

Working with film x The Exakta VX German engineered is a beauty and was the same camera featured in the breathtaking movie; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.Its available in our shop here.Strap by Stock Barrel Co.

Vintage cars.  I had to drive my dad's Volvo like the white one above.  It was red and ugly and I called it the "pig"!

Sport Car Collections: Lamborghini Miura S: Automotive Royalty by Jeremy Cliff on

The Simply Luxurious Life®: Why Not . . . Enjoy Being An Introvert?

Wild Women like a bit of the simple yet luxurious life for sure! ["The Simply Luxurious Life®: Why Not . Enjoy Being An Introvert?

Random Inspiration #23 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style

Random Inspiration #23

ilovemyleica: “ Leica Titanium ” (things I found and want)

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