Collecting shells in a bottle at the beach ocean sea in tropical island paradise Hawaii California

WOW!! Amazing huge shell collection from big to small - urchins, abalone, limpets! Click to find out what beach these were found at!

The Best Shell Beach Ever

DIY Wind Chime Ideas to Try This Summer (25)

40 DIY Wind Chime Ideas To Try This Summer

shells are so prettyyyy remember when you were younger and in awe of the sound they make when you hold them to your ear | pinterest @nairobey

Free your Wild :: Ocean Bounty :: Shells :: Sea glass :: See more natural treasures

Sea shell covered beach, Blind Pass, Sanibel Island, Florida by becky

Sea shell covered beach, Blind Pass, Sanibel Island, Florida - I absolutely LOVE Sanibel and picking up these same shells off of the beach 🌊🐚🐠


Handful of sunshine in Martinique. You can get these shells everyday at the beach! Martinique has the best beaches in the Caribbean and the best place to find sea shells.

seashell windchime.. going to need to make one of these!

Shell wind chime, a great diy project after a day of collecting shells at the beach! Each strand you do can have shells from different places you have travelled to. You can create small and longer strands depending on where they will hang.