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Cody- Loves to comfort people, loves music, friendly and usually smiling, but hesitates when talking about his problems.

Len- Male- Funny, Cares a lot about others- Crush: -----, BoyFriend: ------, (Me)

Charlotte. My review/reaction for episode 7 is up on my blog here http://www.theyorouzoya.com/2015/08/Charlotte07.html

Anime picture with charlotte key (studio) otosaka ayumi otosaka yuu swordsouls long hair tall image short hair blush black hair smile purple eyes purple hair cloud (clouds) pink eyes open clothes night sunlight collarbone night sky

Charlotte <3

Anime picture with charlotte key (studio) tomori nao kazenokaze long hair single tall image blush blue eyes looking at viewer fringe ponytail holding grey hair hand on hip casual girl skirt ribbon (ribbons) hair ribbon

Crunchyroll - Crunchyroll Adds "Wagnaria!!3," "Charlotte," and "Classroom☆Crisis" to Summer 2015 Lineup

Descripción : Charlotte ( シャーロット Shārotto ) es un anime japonés producida por PAWorks y Aniplex y dirigido por Yoshiyuki Asai. La serie, que está escrita por Jun Maeda con diseño de personajes orig.