So much fun!will travel places and go longboarding to explore and have adventures.

Take the longboards and pin this road.

Road to Nowhere - “Long desert highway” by Glenn Nagel ( Death Valley National Park - California, USA )

"Skateboarding doesn't make you a skateboarder. Not being able to stop skateboarding make you a skateboarder."

Are you making these trademarking errors

Tony Alva chilling by the pool. this guy helped the idea of skating pools in the hot summers.

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There's nothing like skateboarding.feeling the wind on your face, the rush of the streets passing you by, feeling free, feeling alive

Long boarding

This summer is going to be good . anyone willing to join in? KATIEBEAN - get the big kahuna out!

go a little faster - #longboarding

This is my new extreme sports compilation video (Supertramp Style) [HD] Freestyle/BMX/Snowboard/Motocross/Wingsuit/Longboard/Skateboard.

Skater boys

a freedom road-trip. friends can give you courage to try and experience new things that are out of your comfort zone! How many times have you had a friend say "come on.