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Air Protection Warning Service - a WWII Nazi propaganda poster inviting women to join the Luftschutzwarndienst (LuftSchutz/LS) Air Protection Warning Service was a civilian volunteer organization, whose purpose it was to alert the population of impending air raid attacks during WWII.

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Nazi Propaganda Posters | Poster from WWII: Sound familiar/ Look familiar? Don't drink the koolaid. Also, you are Not Allowed a Big Gulp...... Everything IS about CONTROL. Control of your children, control of your rights to have a gun for protection, control of your health care, control of your finances, ect. It starts off small and then one day you are boarding a train with your children. Wake up!!!!!!!!!

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A German propaganda poster during World War 2 that shows the greatness of the Nazi party. This poster seems to imply that the Nazi party was a dominant force that always prevails.

Nazi Propaganda

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Amazing Propaganda Posters

"Long live Germany!" This poster makes a direct Christological comparison of Hitler. Just as a dove descended on Christ when he was baptised by John the Baptist, so what looks to be an eagle hovers against the light of heaven over an idealized Hitler.

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