Andrina Putri Syarifa

Andrina Putri Syarifa

Andrina Putri Syarifa
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Paper Art by Charles Clary

For his hand-cut paper and acrylic sculptures, Charles Clary envisions a strange biology where viral colonies expand across the walls of his studio in fluorescent, geometric formations.

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My Idea of visual representation of things moving to sound McConnell Studios, "Momentum." This piece is kinetic. Each piece individually sways, acting like a millipede in motion. With the added impact of the sound of metal, it is fully interactive.

Cylinder grew out of a desire to create truly complex objects which hint at the overwhelming detail present in nature. by Andy Huntington

Imaging being able to watch 3 dimensional sounds. This abstract thought is now attempted. With ‘Cylinder’, a series of sculptures, Andy Huntington and Drew Allan are instantiating sounds via sound data analysis and printing.