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Adeevee - Innocence in Danger: Some touches never leave

Created for Innocence In Danger, the ads feature children with hand marks imprinted on their bodies. The ads also contain the message, “Some touches never leave”.

„Dotyk, który nigdy nie znika” – zobacz poruszającą kampanię przeciwko przemocy i wykorzystywaniu seksualnemu

Some touches never leave - is the slogan of the new awareness campaign against all kinds of violence towards children and sexual abuse. In it, you'll see thought-provoking images depicting handprints left on the children by their assailants.

L'association Innocence en Danger lutte au quotidien contre les différentes formes de maltraitances subies par les enfants : violences, abus sexuels... En Alle

This advert/poster raises the awareness of child abuse. The fact that it has no words enables its central message to be delivered even stronger.


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tumblr_nyc716xxfj1snbyiqo2_540.gif 540×304 pikseli

tumblr_nyc716xxfj1snbyiqo2_540.gif 540×304 pikseli


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The pain lasts a lifetime. Help stop child abuse before it begins. - CPCR - The Center For The Protection Of Children's Rights Foundation: Pain

To highlight how the pain of child abuse lasts a lifetime, Leo Burnett Thailand created two powerful ads for Bangkok-based Center for the.