25 Paper Artwork with Blow Your Mind by Yulia Brodskaya - Artwork, an illustration of photograph or a piece of conceptual work and much more meanings. We learn

Christmas Tree Pop Up Home Décor 3D Handmade Cut by Hand Origamic Architecture in Forest Green and White.

xmas cards: pop up cards santa claus christmas pop up card home décor handmade cut by hand origamic architecture in forest green and white. christmas tree p

Very elaborate origamic architecture by Ingrid Siliakus.

Artist Creates Incredible Pop-Up Cities Cut From Single Sheets Of Paper - Architizer

Paper Art by Eiko Ojala | Picame - Daily dose of creativity

Naked Paper Collages by Eiko Ojala. Eiko uses paper and just the right blend of negative space and minimalism to discover the very human touch hidden within.

Fantastic Kirigami Architecture

Transformation is an elegant origamic architecture-style pop-up paper sculpture by artist Ingrid Siliakus, a perfect handmade gift card for any occasion.

Origamic Architecture

Origamic Architecture: Stunning Sculptures Cut Out of Paper - Amazing Data

Bogota, Columbia artist Diana Beltran Herrera #art #paper

Bogota, Colombia artist Diana Beltran Herrera

Bogota, Colombia artist Diana Beltran Herrera- I may not be a big bird person but this is just cool and it is art!

3D Kirigami and Origamic Architecture          When paper is cut to make pleasing artwork, it can be called kirigami. Thus pop-up cards, origamic architecture and other elaborate cut-outs can also be called kirigami. This type of artwork is beyond paper snowflakes and deserves to be shown in a separte page.

Denmark-born artist Peter Callesen creates amazing paper sculptures, paper cuts and installation using regular sheets of white paper.

Kirigami Architecture

Ingrid Siliakus’ Origamic Architecture

Origamic architecture

Architecture Pop-Up