How sad for me that this is true...

So true, so true.This random stranger will thank me for the validation.

Do these things drive YOU crazy? Or do you not know what's wrong in these pictures? Or care? 18 Things To Drive Your OCD Crazy

you know it!

Singing to a song you don't really know. But that 15 second part you do know is coming and your gonna own that shit. Story of my life!

I've done this so many time it's just so embarrassing. Yup like the amount of times I've called my teachers mom is not even funny ^~^

too funny.

Burglar An Oak Hill community couple discovered a thief in their home Saturday after a man told a joke and heard a laugh upstairs. It must have been a great joke. Hmm I wish I knew what the joke was.

Olympics 2012

“ He’s back! Voldemort and the dementors at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2012 ”

The stuff of nightmares.

Koalas are much cuter when dry.

Funny pictures about Water Can Dramatically Change A Koala. Oh, and cool pics about Water Can Dramatically Change A Koala. Also, Water Can Dramatically Change A Koala photos.


Last night I went to a karaoke bar that had no music. At first I was afraid, I was petrified- but, I SURVIVED


That 'kill me' moment when you think you're done washing the dishes and you turn around and see those pots on the stove. Or ten kiddie cups in random places.especially when the dish washer is full!

Sooo true!

Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: I'm only saving your number so I know not to answer when you call.