Here’s to all the dads…

Here’s To All The Dads. I hope my husband is a father like this. cause my dad is already like this.

this makes me laugh more than it should....

Yes, yes it wood…

That's a nice toe you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.Yes, yes it wood.

love this

Chewbacca vs. Harrison Ford…

Funny pictures about Chewbacca vs. Oh, and cool pics about Chewbacca vs. Also, Chewbacca vs.

haha! I'm dying

Hockey Memes on

Funny pictures about Hockey step by step. Oh, and cool pics about Hockey step by step. Also, Hockey step by step.

haha yep

Funny pictures about Dear burpees. Oh, and cool pics about Dear burpees. Also, Dear burpees.

Very true indeed!

[2012-04-18] How politics work [pics]

Funny pictures about How politics work. Oh, and cool pics about How politics work. Also, How politics work photos.

Me at lunch today!

Whatchu mean "the fuck you lookin at?" Obviously i'm lookin at the shit you feastin on!

Aaaaand I'm going to hell

I feel like a terrible person for laughing at this.

Puzzle Comic Son, here is a riddle: what has four legs but isn't alive? Nice try, Dad! It's a chair! Not this time, son.


the most terrifying pork and beans ad ever. I can't stop laughing!


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were giving me a dirty look. I thought you were just ugly like that all the time. Oh burn.girl got snap.


I had this awesome dream, where you just shut the fuck up for once. Felt like I was in OZ or some shit.think this daily of some people haha


I will never understand this elf on the shelf thing. My kids made me promise i would not bring one of those creepy things in our house . And creepiness aside, who has time for that stuff anyway?