Aneta Zvěřinová

Aneta Zvěřinová

Aneta Zvěřinová
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Pohádková restaurace podle Alenky v říši divů

Completed : not yet Alice of Magic World is an ‘Alice In Wonderland’-themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, full of things straight out of the Lewis Carroll classic and the Disney animated version of the novel. While dining,.

Clever Negative Space Artworks

This is the poster I created for the film M by Fritz Lang! it was displayed at the LONDON FILM & COMIC CON. in the last days and it is now for sale! Fritz Lang M poster

silhouette photos

Here's to the silhouette loving photographers! Great tips & Ideas from Courtney! I love Silhouettes - this inspires me to try a few more styles. Silhouette Photos: 10 Tips for Capturing Them.

Best Graphic Design of 2013 | From up North

Peter and the Wolf - Phoebe Morris Illustration I love the way this poster makes effective use of negative space to create the outline of the boy's silhouette with the wolf's body. Do your own child!