andrea gebhart

andrea gebhart
Lincoln, NE / diy whisperer. middle sister. dog lover. coach. realist. aquarius.
andrea gebhart
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I have been wrestling with the idea of coming up with a holiday drink concoction since Thanksgiving. I had several ideas in mind (these ideas may surface v

Wine Filled Gummy Bear Treats Great for Holidays and Events. Quick and easy to prepare. The gummy bears are molded in the fridge for 20 minutes!

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Featuring free quilt patterns, quilting discounts, and quilting tips.

How to Make A Wedding Signature Quilt | waterpenny quilts and little sewn things                                                                                                                                                                                 More

EDIT – This post was updated September I’ve been making wedding signature quilts as part of my Etsy business for a few years now and have streamlined things a bit.

Ariel’s Wedding Quilt: The Free Printable Pattern                                                                                                                                                                                 More

We have gotten so many wonderful comments about Ariel’s wedding quilt. Happily we love it and most importantly Ariel likes it! It’s a great quilt to make a dent in your 2 st…

How to Break Down Jeans for Crafting and Storage

Spread the love: About once in a blue moon, someone will give me just a giant amount of blue jeans, like an entire Rubbermaid bin’s worth. Now, I craft with old denim pretty often, but I can