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i just read homestuck so i have the right to go on a homestuck spam alright

Johnvri doodle yeah

It's so pretty and messy I love it. John and Vriska

I don't really ship Vriska and John, but i think this picture is perfect!

You know, I think John and (Vriska) would actually be really excellent moirails. I think John would help her work through all the awful things that have been happening to her. Maybe the dead!John who died in the Lowas explosion?

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No but they're perfect because they balance each other. John tempers Vriskas rudeness and manipulative tendencies and Vriska pushes John to step outside his comfort zone. Love this ship.

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Homestuck - John Egbert x Vriska Serket - JohnVris

John and Vriska. Woa. I ship it. // I ship it reservedly. But if John ever went grimdark. Whoa. Yes.

John and Vriska. I ship it so very much. I just sort of HATED VRISKA WITH A PASSION but now that I decided to be more intent on homestuck and keep reading, I kinda TOTALLY ship it.