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Algebra Pennants Mini-Bundle

Practice Algebra while building community and classroom decor! Included are 20 pennants for each of 4 topics. TOPICS INCLUDE: slope, solving equations (x on both sides), factoring quadratic trinomials (A=1) and domain and range. 160 pennants in all (80 with QR codes, 80 without), optional student answer sheets and answer keys.

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Solve (using technology) and address the correlation coefficient of a linear fit.

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Using Social Media to Assess Learning (iTeach Third)

Hey everyone!  I am really excited to share with you all something I have recently started doing in my classroom that my students LOVE!  Sometimes, I want a quick grade, something meaningful to put in Please join

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This one-page discovery activity leads the student through trial and error to discover what happens when an operation is applied to a true inequality statement. 6 examples are given - two will lead to a false statement (multiplying and dividing both sides by a negative). The student answers some questions afterwards and has to sum up what they discovered. Hopefully, this will help the student remember in the future to flip the inequality sign at the appropriate times when solving. Key…

8 Ways to Pose Better Questions in Math Class

TEACHER: And that is how you find the MIN/MAX on your calculator. *BOOM* Drop the mic! STUDENT: What do I put in Y1? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ No more of this! Give your students a great reference sheet to put in their notebook and NEVER ask you the keystrokes again!