Balancing time and energy

My philosophy of feng shui: creating healing environments. What drew me into feng shui is similar to what inspired my calling to be an architect: a fascination…
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Feng Shui: Inside a consult
Ever wondered what a feng shui consult would be like? Feng Shui: Inside a consult
many balloons are floating in the air on a clear day with blue sky behind them
Realign the space you occupy and change the energy. Start surrounding yourself with positive reinforcement for your career success. FENG SHUI FOR YOUR CAREER TELECLASS October 1, 2013 8 pm EST Click to learn more and register.
an orange bird with the words start shifting on it's side and a speech bubble above it
Feng Shui for your career teleclass
rain is falling down on the ground and it looks like they're getting wet
Home Page
Sparkling rain fresh hues | color + inspiration
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The Emotional Toll of Clutter
The Emotional Toll of Clutter
an aerial view of the beach and ocean
The sandbar makes the waters swirl: Not every obstruction is a setback
many colorful balloons are floating in the air
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live a full spectrum life
a single yellow leaf floating in the air
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seek stillness
a path in the middle of a forest with lots of trees and ferns on it
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stay on your path
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All About Incense, Oils, & Aromatics
two black and white street signs with the words order and chaos written on them against a blue sky