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Think Green and Grow Ur Mind

Think Green and Grow Ur Mind

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Fallen log planter

Ramp (wild leek) seeds and bulbs for the woodland garden

Ramp Farm Specialties Catalog
  • June Harris
    June Harris


Make your own garden markers

Gutter Garden

Hugelkultur - how to make a nearly self sustaining raised garden bed by incorporating fallen logs and pruned Branches under the soil.

Yes, those are watermelons. Yes, they are cuboidal. I might have to try this!

Square watermelons • A Natural Living Blog
  • Skye Atchison
    Skye Atchison

    No way!

  • Jeana Graham
    Jeana Graham

    Aw, one of many reasons why I miss Japan.

  • Sarah O'Reilly
    Sarah O'Reilly


  • Virginia Derrick
    Virginia Derrick


  • Serena Phillips
    Serena Phillips

    to fit in their small refrigerators

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85+ recipes for home canning (fruits and vegetables...including a recipe for pickled fiddleheads and asparagus!)

Little portable greenhouses (each one is covering a bell pepper plant). Made with clear plastic sheeting, each one only cost ~6 dollars.

  • Melissa Hins
    Melissa Hins

    would cost less if u used sticks instead

  • Angela Lamberth
    Angela Lamberth

    ^agreed! Six bucks apiece seems rather high.

A cold frame with a glass top can give you a 12-month growing season, even in Maine, and it's the easiest and most economical way to extend your harvest. Build the one described here, and you're on your way to fresh veggies year round.

Peter pepper. Just ordered some seeds :-D

  • Jennifer Ballantyne
    Jennifer Ballantyne


  • Mari Thomas
    Mari Thomas

    I looked em up lol gonna order me some. But they say they are really hot but I love hot stuff :)

  • Angela Lamberth
    Angela Lamberth

    Some are more wrinkled than others but I think they all look like that. :-D

  • Angela Lamberth
    Angela Lamberth

    I bought my seeds from the same link as posted above

  • Renee Reneau
    Renee Reneau

    Now I've seen it all! ROTFL SO wrong.

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How to grow killer catnip bud. I'm totally doing this for Lyon this summer. Kitteh needs harvest too! ♥

Garden planner app for the iPad. I'm having a lot of fun using it to plan this years garden.

Hanging Vegetable garden

How to grow Belgian endive.

Origami newspaper seedling pots. No form needed, just newspaper!

How to make seed starting pots from newspaper. All you need is paper, a bottle or soda can, and soil. Oh, and seeds too!

cucumber trellis with lettuce underneath getting the partial shade it needs. Doing that this season.

DIY: Cucumber Trellis | eHow

Growing garlic.

I am sooooo using this idea! tiered plant stand made from 2 stair templates from Home Depot. It measures 36" wide by 30 " deep.

How to store the summer harvest for the winter kitchen (potatos, carrots, onions, garlic, squash)

How to grow onions from seed. A fantastic article by a Maine gardener! *squeeeeeee*

How to Grow Onions from Seed - Vegetable Gardener

A salad on the move. For the cart, maybe your grocery store has some old ones for sale?

  • Renee Reneau
    Renee Reneau

    Haha... I'd call this the "Urban Garden".

Mint, oregano and lemon balm are just some of the aggressive perennial herbs that can take over the garden. Contain these herbs by planting them in buried pots. Isn't this clever?

Musque de Provence

Blooming Rose Musings: Do You Know Your Pumpkin's Origin?