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41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

How to Make Mason Jar Citronella Torches

Whether you’re camping in the woods or enjoying your backyard on a summer evening, citronella tiki torches are perfect for lighting and keeping the bugs away. The mason jars give the torches a charming vintage feel, so they are as stylish as they are useful. You can make them either to sit on a table, or hang from a hook. Either way, they....

30 crazy camping tricks that will make your life easier

An amazing list of camping hacks from imgur. Doubt I'll do much cooking, but when is a tip on how to keep your toilet paper dry unwelcome?

Martial Law: What You Need to Know to Survive

Make Waterproof Matches

We made them when I was a girl scout. Creating Water Proof Matches and other survival stuff, some more out there than others