Image Collection Week Androgynous Features 8 images of androgynous faces 4 men

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Frfrr i been lookin a long ass time now and i can't take it no

Kiera, PLEASE - egotisticalgold: Flower Boy

medium skin less defined by highlight but still moreso than pale skin

Oscar Spendrup -- Angelo Vivace would have such a beauty as a teen, and Laurent would fall for him at first sight, though only progressively understand his feelings for his friend @ the last canvas


we need some music! Skater boy in Venice beach we see you though!

Papi Af

Hey I'm Derek. I'm 19 and gay as fuck. My parents hate me because I do a lot of drugs.

Los Angeles Artist // Derek Luh: Profile + Interview | Babes & Gents: // #babesngents

I don't understand what I'm not doing right that you aren't happy Madi.