DIY Marshmallow Pops!

How to Make Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops - These Are So Cute!

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Super-cute fish marshmallow pops

Polka Dot Goldfish 2nd Birthday Party

Dip marshmallows or cake pops in chocolate dyed with blue food coloring.poke a lollipop stick into the top.dip the bottom of the marshmallow or cake pop in crushed graham cracker and add a sweet little Goldfish cracker!

Candy and Soda Bouquets. So much fun to make and receive.

Candy and Soda Bouquets. So much fun to make and receive. Good idea for a thank you gift or secret santa weekly gift. or a pre-teen party favor

candy table

This is pretty.a candy table! Saw this at a wedding once with a really cute, quirky poem about how "sweet" it is to be married, then guests got to take home a candy bag full of personalized candies from the reception!


a clear, ice cream sundae glass -candy to fill the bottom of the glass -a styrofoam circle or half-circle (found in the floral or craft section of places like Walmart) -pink and white taffy or maybe suckers candy pixie sticks (for the straws)

Purple Candy Buffet

i have two of those wine glass vases.used them at my candy bar in purple and orange - Yahoo!

17. Sweet Eats or Savory Treats #modcloth #wedding

In lieu of more traditional wedding (or other party) favors, host a candy bar! Guests can receive little paper bags or more decorative pouches with their names and seating assignments on them which can double as candy sacks for later in the evening.

halloween party ideas

REAL PARTIES: Sunday Funday Halloween- *print out reminder of idea for skeleton tape for next year