Love, love this idea.  Wrap a gift with a pocket for holding the card.

Built-In Gift Cards

Built-In Gift Cards - Martha Stewart Crafts.cut paper several inches larger than amount needed to wrap gift. fold paper, crease, wrap gift, you know how a pocket to put card in!


This site has some gorgeous toddler dress ideas and lovely fabric combo's! Also happens to be what I want to name my daughter, should I have one

Olivia's birthday idea.

Rainbow doodle birthday cake from Sweetapolita (tons beautiful dessert ideas there!) Let your kids draw on their own birthday cake! How fun is that?


So true! Ppl forget, we ALL sin. All sin is equal to God. You can't score your sin from it wasn't that bad to worst sin ever. Don't judge others, worry about YOUR sin!


Funny pictures about Just a couple of baby otters. Oh, and cool pics about Just a couple of baby otters. Also, Just a couple of baby otters photos.

17 year old girl builds "artificial brain" - wins Google Science Fair.  Great to see kids doing stuff like this!

17 year-old Brittany Wenger built an artificial brain. The program can diagnose breast cancer with accuracy. took her more than hours" to code!

St. Adele

In a stripped-down three-song set at the NPR Music offices, the Grammy-winning U. pop star showcases her brilliant voice and seemingly effortless charisma. Watch Adele perform two new songs to go with her ubiquitous hit "Chasing Pavements.

Pure genius!

The green smudges on these anti-theft lunch bags are sure to turn any potential sandwich thief's stomach. Each sandwich bag is printed with fake green mold. We may not even want to eat our own sandwiches after looking at them through these!

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