21 things dance kids want their non-dance friends to know. This is so accurate is unbelievable

21 Things Dance Kids Want Their Non-Dance Friends To Know

"oh you play football? that's cute" Dance is a sport, everyone else is just to afraid to admit that its harder than what they play😐

What will you do?

😳 I don't know what to do. I love them all. I'd have to go with PLL or The Fosters for sure.

"Dance Moms" by jamie-lee-1 on Polyvore

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My mom says I like to watch the girls dance but I don't like the fighting and the I say thats what make the show possible and awesome

how many repins for the lovely ladies?

Besides Mac everyone is wearing high heels. Love that girl!

Thank you something much guys I live you all so much thank you for three part and for always supporting me, I love you girls so much u wouldn't trade anything for you girls!!! ~ Kalani

Kalani kira and Abby Lee Miller dance moms lifetime tv xx