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For my 3 T's

For my 3 T's

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Hi Tawna Beth, Angel

Baby Turtle by Kevin Hector

WEAR FLIP FLOPS....Tara. Angel

Just a handful of turtles... Tawna. Angel

For my Tawna. Angel

Dreamer Muscle Tank


Skull Scarf

We get these ideas in our heads of what our perfect marriage or family or friendship or job or life should look like…  And the reality?  SO much more chaotic.

In Which We Start Anew: In the Pursuit of Perfect

And so here we are, at the turning of a new page. I brought something for you.

There lived a girl, a very sad girl. Having suffered requisite untold tragedy, she was left alone with nothing but her sorrow and her heartache to keep her company.

it takes great courage to be who you really are and who you really want to be.

This story came up in a conversation between my husband and I the other day.  When I was a freshman in high school, my mom bought me a sweater from Target.  This was a sweater that she asked me if I wanted, and I had told her yes.  And then I wore it to school the next day.  I liked the sweater.

Things didn't really go the way I had intended. If I'd been writing the story, the plot wouldn't have unfolded that way. Different dialogue would have been said, different reactions. But, this wasn't a story with elements I could tweak around. This was life.

But, the hard words are still there. They haven't gone anywhere and there are parts of me that still need to say them. That still need to be heard. So I bury those parts and I bury those words and we don't talk about the things.

And, my darling, I hope you know that your vulnerable heart does not make you weak.  But, it makes you incredibly strong.

Because your sisters are your family.  And you protect them and you take care of them, and your very sisterhood is the wall that attackers h...

Sometimes things aren't what we expect them to be. That doesn't mean that it's the end of the world, necessarily.

I found you on my mind today.

Daughter, in all circumstances remember who you are! Loved! ♥ What my mom always says to me and what I'll say to my daughter.

My beautiful baby girl means the world to me. She sure is one loved princess!!!!! I feel so blessed that God chose me to be her mommy. She is absolutely perfect in my eyes!!!!

Ernest Hemingway.......Thank you God for Mr. Hemingway. These words came at the PERFECT time. Angel

Love my girls. I'm proud of all of them!


Happens all the time. My Tawna "sent" this. Angel

Piglet for my Tawna. Angel

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