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This pretty much says it all!

Train like an athlete. Eat like a nutritionist. Sleep like a baby. Win like a champion! Now if I can just sleep like a baby!

Writing For Your Weight Loss Success

Writing For Your Weight Loss Success i love fitness humor cause how cute is the truth about why i'm at the gym and not home i am only here to race you and beat your time. make no mistake i can do this shit at home.

Fad Weight Loss Diet

100 Healthy Snack Ideas to help you reach your weight loss goals! (Also includes printable version so you can put it on your fridge to remind you) Also some good ideas for healthy snacks for kids


Kim Dolan Leto: After having my daughter and turning I was determined to be in best shape of my life. It was the hardest thing I've done. Life is so much busier with kids, but I kept telling myself take one meal and one workout at a time!

Talk about motivation!!!

More beautiful Asian fitness models. Featuring Cori Nadine, Tianna Ta, Katherine Painter, Sherlyn Roy and more.

Making Fitness Part of Your Life

To sweat means you. Have passion are determined are fearless Are changing . Are unstoppable So, don't be afraid to break a sweat. So Inspiring!

Metabolism Boosting Foods

weight losing, green tea weight loss pills, losing abdominal fat - Check out these foods that have been shown to boost metabolism. Help your own metabolism by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, every 3 hours is idea.