true story.

This is me and my best friend! Lord knows how we used to be as teenagers I couldn't even imagine now as adults lol! But she will always be my best friend no matter how far the distance.

How to make Nerf Darts! This has to be the coolest thing since sliced bread!

DIY Nerf Gun Darts

DIY Nerf darts — when the original set gets lost (and you know they will get lost!), you'll be happy to know that you can make your own Nerf darts! Now it is known how to get the holes in the Nerf darts for legs on Proto X SLT quadcopter.

So, so true!

Morning coffee (38 photos)

Yep, this pretty much nails it! :-s This is me everyday at the moment!

Don't forget the duct tape!

good friends offer advice and words of wisdom. Real friends come over unannounced with vodka, chocolate, glitter, duct tape, cat suits & explosives!

Everyone needs to go buy one of these for their #hair stylist ASAP! #coffee @Lauren Davison Davison Davison Graham

thanks sister Angela for cutting my hair Gray Brio Schervish . thanks sister Lana for coloring my hair mahogany Russo

Whoa now!!!! Easy Creamy Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bake via Half Baked Harvest #comfort #casserole

Easy Creamy Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bake

Easy Creamy Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bake by Half Baked Harvest. The creamy, cheesy, buffalo chicken quinoa.

Seems legit.

Spiders Hate Peppermint Oil Put some in a squirt bottle with water, spray your garage and all door frames, then watch the spiders run. That should be enough. (A tanker plane dropping its payload) time two and that'll do!