I'm in heaven

Channing Tatum, Adam levine, Ryan gosling & Joseph gordon -levitt I'll take them all to-go.


Ryan Reynolds

I think I could chase Ryan Reynolds for miles. It could be my motivation for running a marathon haha ;

South Florida Firefighters... So gonna marry a firefighter

South Florida Firefighters - Oh, my bad, I wasn't supposed to light candles near my curtains? Fire fighters in south florida are old chubby hispanic men. Just like our old southern mustachio cops

Christian Grey! Holy sexy OH MY!

Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey (Jessie Pavelka). Is he dark enough? fifty-shades-of-grey

Zac Efron showing off his buff bod in Manhattan Beach, Calif. in March 2011.

Sexy Shirtless Stars!

Zac Effron - Not shaggy "High School Musical" Zac Effron. Short hair, dirt on his face, Zac Effron

Taylor Lautner!! I know, I'm a cougar.

Ladyboner of the Day: Taylor Lautner

The Twilight saga may have finally reached its conclusion, but this epic Taylor Lautner underwear GIF from Breaking Dawn promises to live on.

johnny knox :)

Jackass for Life

Johnny Knoxville, Actor and daredevil and co-creator of the MTV Jackass series. Originally from Knoxville.

DIY hammock seat- for the corner of a patio

Garden Swing Chairs Sink in and take it easy. This plump, weather-resistant, easy-care chair is inviting indoors or out—in a porch or sunroom, hanging from a garden arbor beam or swing frame. The colorful bird design is by New Hampshire artist Tim Coffey.

emma stone hair: pretty side updo with a hidden braid

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love her light, yet natural looking baby blonde color here! she looks amazing as a blonde, if i hadnt known her as a red head, i would have thought this was natural!