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Detoxifying Drinks

Healthy drinks. Recovery looks yummy. :)

Lemon Juice And Cinnamon In Water Increase Your Metabolism And Burns More Fat At Rest!

A Simple Detox Drink for Cleansing and Weight Loss

Detox - Purify your blood and body with this awesome vitamin water! Detox is ideal for the morning after a night out or when you are cleansing. Created with hydrating coconut water, and fresh cucumber, nutrient rich coconut meat, detoxifying milk thistle and anti-oxidant loaded raspberries and blueberries, this combination will cleanse your body from the inside out Recipe: www.zainsaraswati...

11 DIY Juice Cleanse Recipes to Make at Home

The Liver Flush Daily Detox recipe: Extra Virgin Olive Oil – anywhere from 2 Tbsp. to 1/3 cup, Freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, 1/3 cup Fresh garlic, 3-5 cloves, Fresh 1/2" ginger,Cayenne Pepper, dash to taste 2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice, Put all ingredients in a blender, blend and drink immediately. Think about all the good you are doing for your body!! Enjoy!

The Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

15 Fab Juice Combinations for Cleansing and Detoxification! #cleanse #detox

Try to drink ½ gallon a day and you will be amazed at how good you feel and how much water weight you will lose!

  • Melody Byrd

    Just made a gallon & am extremely excited about whether this detox works. I have a 1/2 marathon next weekend & am trying to drop a few pounds before next weekend

  • Melody Byrd

    Lesley to be honest with you I wasn't able to drink the recommended ounces each day so I personally didn't see any results but had a busy & work week which interfered with the results. I recommend only letting the limes and lemons sit in the water for an hour or so because the water starts to taste like Rhine which is unpleasant & I had to remake the first batch.

  • Lesley Slezak Krajewski

    Thank you for letting me know. My friend gave me a similar recipe with ginger root. Hoping to try. With three young children I may be in the same situation as you. Best of luck!

Orange Sports Drink - This electrolyte rich drink is excellent for runners and those who give 100% to their workouts. Stay hydrated with our all natural Sports Drinks.

Here are plenty of Yummy Flavored Water Recipes like Green Pineapple Water and Kiwi Water #skinnyms #cleaneating #drink #recipes

It's January 1! Time to cleanse out the old and start the new! Check out the Skinny Mom 3-Day Detox to help you get started.

I love this water to help beat the post-holiday bloat and cleanse my body of all of the toxins from holiday overeating

Need help with your new year's resolutions? Here is a simple recipe for a Detox Green Tea that will help flush out the old and prepare for the new! Click for the recipe!

LOSE WEIGHT FAST! Day Spa Mango Ginger Water ZERO CALORIE drink that naturally INCREASES METABOLISM! One woman lost OVER 10 LBS in ONE WEEK!

Detox Water -1-2 liters’ of water, depending on how strong you want it to taste. 1 watermelon or 1 cucumber, 1 lemon or lime. A handful of fresh mint leaves (approximately 10-13) and ice cubes

Detox Water 1 gallon of water (spring, distilled or filtered) 1 whole organic lemon, sliced and seeds removed ½ cucumber sliced 10 mint leaves, organic if possible

Best drink ever!!!Recipe: About 10 medium size strawberries (sliced) A half a lemon (or whole depending on your flavor preference) One whole sprig of mint leaves Fill with water and shake! Try to get more water than ice, or drink melted ice. Have fun :)

Lose up to 50 LBS in 3 MONTHS with this ZERO CALORIE Detox Drink! Ditch the Diet Sodas and the Crystal Light, try this METABOLISM BOOSTING Strawberry Tangerine Drink and drop up to 10 lbs PER WEEK! Best part...... you get to eat! #LoseWeightByEating