Knitting - tools

Knitting - tools

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Finger Saver

The Even Easier Crocheter's Finger Saver by HeritageHeart - Craftsy

Button stitch marker set, 6 markers on convenient holder. Fits up to metric 5mm needles, US size 8, but can be made larger on request. A cute and

Button Stitch Markers, cute and colourful

Set of 5 Stitch Markers blue bead by PloverDesigns on Etsy, $20.00

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Keychain Crochet Hook – A tutorial

Keychain Crochet Hook – A tutorial

DiY knitting rainbow stitch markers

My Poppet – DIY Rainbow Stitch Markers for Knitting

(picture only) - simple chain maille earrings > row counter

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Duck Tape Pencil Case

While They Snooze: How to Make a Duck Tape Pencil Case

SportRoll tool roll: 15 Pockets Plus the Zippered Pouch

Sport ShopRoll - Adventure Tool Company

Knitting Chart Keeper --- This magnetic chart keeper will hold onto your chart and keep track of your progress even when you close it up between uses. Equipped with 4 magnets, simply unsnap the keeper and fold open, resecure the snaps on the back to form an easel. Covered in a sturdy black jacquard polyester fabric for long wear. 12" x 9" opened flat, 9" x 6" closed.

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tri-fold circular needle case


Vintage “Little Dorrit” Knitting Row Counter

Vintage "Little Dorrit" Knitting Row Counter

Use this page to create your own knitting pattern. Choose the size of the pattern and click on the "Create New Pattern" button. Graph paper and symbols Free!

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Make your own Boye circular needles

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DIY Stitch Markers

Miss P: DIY: Stitch Markers for Yarn lovers!

Knitting Abacus Bracelet that helps you count rows while you knit -- each bead slides on the ribbon and stays in place until you decide to move it.

Knitting Abacus Bracelet

felted knitting yarn bowl

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(pic only)

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pictures diy

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DIY clutch with ziplock bags for purse necessities

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chopstick mailer >> for DPNs

DDB International: Chinese New Year Direct Mail, Chopsticks

Awful web site, but could work as a diy for notions

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DIY Stitch markers

fly along: A little diy

yarn crafts

Will You Look At That

(picture only) wrist tool holder

gridjunky: Shear Charlie 3