Dance Quotes - Dancer are the athletes of God

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Dance Quotes ♡ #dancequote #dance

Great Tips For Learning To Dance Bigger


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This is fantastic. The line of her body and that headdress.

Dreams, feelings, thoughts : Фото


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"How I feel about dancing on my left side... I don't hate it. I just don't like it at all, and it's terrible." #danceprobs

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Dancing fixes it all - Are you

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Hotel California. The Eagles. This is the one song that I associate the most with my Papa.

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♫♪ Dance ♪♫ Quotes - "Dance is the hidden language of the soul" by Martha Graham - ecogentleman

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Don't forget the hair! My hair can go from gelled back in a high bun to down in curls in 30 seconds if it has to be!

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The ballet checklist:)

The Philadelphia Dance Academy

Becoming a student at Juilliard doesn't just mean ballet, but education in all types of dance, jazz, modern, hip hop, and contemporary. Endless possibilities!

Que ingenuo...

French hip-hop dancer, Sofia Boutella

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Hire Lai Rupe for some amazing Jazz-Hop Choreography. Mixing Jazz, Hip Hop, and Breaking in competition routines will blow the judges away!

Elegant Dances: Pilobolus Dance Company #Dance #Pilobolus

THIS. IS. PERFECT. --- Being a hip hop dancer and learning new styles kind of looks like this...

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This is too true.

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Mini pointe show keychain from Discount Dance Supply. $5.95

Pointe Shoe Keychain - Style Number: MPS

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Dance is music made visible -♪♫ ♪♫ #dance


You know your a dancer when you roll your sweats up. GUILTY.

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Disney princesses as ballerinas! If I have a little girl one day, these will go in frames in her bedroom!!

Notes and signs

Without Dance Whats the Pointe | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Without Dance Whats the Pointe | HUMAN

Paris-based photographer Little Shao (aka Thinh Souvannarath) unites the two in his dance-inspired photo series. His beautiful artworks depict athletic, graceful ballet dancers — many in pedestrian clothes — set in urban environments.

Incredible Photos of Ballet Dancers Poised on City Streets

Schumann & Company - Commercial Photographer’s Agency & Commercial Photography News

Sandro’s Love For Dance