After saving this pregnant dog from a house fire by carrying her out of the house into the front yard, this firefighter continued to fight the fire. When he finally finished putting out the fire, he sat down to catch his breath and rest.  A photographer from a Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper saw the rescued dog walk straight toward the fireman, and as he raised his camera, she leaned up and kissed the man who had just risked his life to save hers...

Dog Kissing Firefighter

This firefighter saved this dog from her burning home. He carried her out of the house and into her front yard, then he returned to fight the fire. Animals matter too. We save lives, animal or human.

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white lion

Look at those eyes! I thought this was an albino lion, but it is a White Lion. Very beautiful and quite rare.

Haha so funny!

Funny pictures about Introspective pug questions his life. Oh, and cool pics about Introspective pug questions his life. Also, Introspective pug questions his life.

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This is my cats and my kids! I need a kid hand under the door, a second cat pushing its head in and another kid telling me ever lil detail from the outside. That would be my bathroom experiences, till they all get in, then I'm just royally *f*!


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