Love these! 89 Free Printable Kitchen Pantry labels + blank pages of each of the 4 styles so you can add your own and they all come in black or teal. Lisa Leggett has tons more free printables!

tea packaging


"T", tea packaging designed by Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle. But, the teabag hasn't even touched the tea!


Not designed in the i really liked the shapes and use of type for background colour. Designed by skateboard designer and graphic designer , evan hecox

DIY: stencil your own party invites / Christine Wisnieski for Design for Mankind

Adding stenciled letters to invites. MAKEKIND: Creative DIY projects from graphic designer, Christine Wisnieski


butter package, comes with wooden spoon lid. by Yeongkeun Jeong . good idea for other sides as well


Just In Case

Just in Case by Menosunocerouno If the year 2012 does bring the world to an end, Mexican branding company Menosunocerouno plan to face the apocalypse in style with a survival kit that includes chocolate and hard liqueur.

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