Colorful Door - Harrisburg Cemetery - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ~ by Star Cat

Green and Art Nouveau.

langoaurelian: nouveau-deco: Berlin - Jugendstil 006 (by Arnim Schulz) Digitally altered. Love the green!


Weekend Notes

The Chic Technique: Portugal. What a colorful door concept, I love to see how things are so different world wide.

Puerta Barroca azul

Ornate door at Musee du Louvre, Paris France. © Brian Jannsen Photography Love this blue.

Lavender Doors, Dijon, France

Lavender Doors, Dijon, France: one of my favorites. love the color and details

Entry, Paris, France

Entry, Paris, France photo via mary -- Mama used to listen to a song called, Green Door.