Never worry if your tablecloth will be too short!

Tablecloth Size Guide Infographic : Info on what size tablecloths to put on standard size tables for the cloths the reach the floor.

I like this idea of an ornate vintage frame as a backdrop for photos/guest interaction. Easy to do and not expensive. You could even do paper flowers around the frame.

Wedding ceremony frame and floral backdrop created by Akiko Floral Artistry. Photo Credit: Milton Photography Frame from Elegant Touches.

100 Count Strand Lights.Use these fabulous lights to decorate your room, dorm or event! Let your event or decor shine with these beautiful white strand lights. They glow in warmth and elegance and are

100 Bedroom Lights

Greenery style for above pergula. Light strands around reception. love sign is cute. Pastel and Gold Pretoria Wedding Backdrop