Green and blue striped silk taffeta robe à la Française (back), ca. 1770.

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MET Museum White Moire Polychrome Floral Striped Unusual Gown American c.1795

Child's dress, Sweden 18th century. Blue printed cotton with floral motifs.

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araco Date: 18th century Culture: Belgian Medium: cotton

Caraco | Belgian

Mid 18th century gown with American provenance.

Art Object

Robe à l’anglaise, 1770’s From Glasgow Museums

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Envelope pocketbook American (New England), 18th century New England, United States Dimensions 13.4 x 21.8 x 2.4 cm (5 1/4 x 8 9/16 x 15/16 in.) Medium or Technique Wool crewel embroidery on linen canvas, linen and wool trim, linen lining, and linen tabs

Envelope pocketbook

Robe à la Française, 1775-85, French, linen and silk.

Robe à la Française | French | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: The Many Types of Late 18th Century Gowns | Historical Costuming and sewing of Rococo 18th century clothing, 16th century through 20th century, by designer Lauren Reeser

American Duchess: The Many Types of Late 18th Century Gowns

Jacket and shawl in chintz, skirt in glazed printed cotton, 1770-1800. Jacoba de Jonge Collection in MoMu, Antwerp

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Circa 1760s Striped Banyan over a flowered waistcoat and silk breeches. At-home wear for the layabout Aristo.


Silence! By Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 1759. In the Royal Collection Trust of the UK.


Silk Swatch book from Lyons, France 1763-64-V Search the Collections This swatch book shows a variety of silks including plaids and small checks

V and A Collections

Swatch book | V&A Search the Collections

BLOCK-PRINTED COTTON British, ca. 1780–90, Although white-ground calicoes were more popular overall, dark colored grounds were particularly fashionable in the 1780s and 1790s. Barbara Johnson (1738–1825), a British woman of the rural gentry, kept a scrapbook of her dress fabrics; included among these is a black-ground calico with a small, trailing floral pattern (V T.219-1973), purchased in 1787, which is very similar to this example.

Antique Textiles - Antique Costumes - Cora Ginsburg

Folding needlepoint pocketbook c.1759 - This pocketbook was made by Sarah Stone (Croosman) in 1759 for her twin brother Josiah Stone when she was 9 years old. It measures 8" by 4 1/4" when folded. Delightful needlepoint pocketbook, stitched in wool on canvas in a flame stitch (bargello) pattern. The edges are bound with fuchsia wool tape. The pocketbook is lined with green linen. The four inner pockets are divided by stiffened navy linen on one side & stiffened linen floral damask on the oth...

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quilted linen petticoat, Drenthe Linnen onderrok, geheel gevoerd met een gestreepte katoen in de kleuren geel-blauw-wit. De rok is in zwart geheel doorgestikt met aan de bovenzijde ruiten en in een brede baan aan de onderzijde bloemmotieven. #Drente

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green linen stays corset, c. 1780

University Museum

Pink Linen stays, 1750/1770 - MOMU (ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen)

Corset: diepe punt, heupflapjes, rijgsluiting achter Geheel doorgestikt met verticale tunneltjes, waarin balein. Voorpunt iets driehoekig verdikt. Boven voor ronde vorm door brede horizontale balein. Vanaf taille pandjes. Achter nestelgaatjes, originele rijgveter. Schouderbanden voor van de stof waaraan zeer lange linnen banden waaraan smaller linnen band (totaal 110 cm); op rugpanden bovenzijde 2 horizontale linnen lusjes. Op alle naden van de patroondelen en langs alle randen een smal linnen bandje. Oksels en voorpunt verstevigd met zeemleer. Opzij in de taille een stuk zeemleer genaaid, waaraan bandjes. linnen beige + zeemleer; garnering: bandje linnen beige; walvisbalein; voering: linnen naturel

inside of a c1765-1775 sacque-back gown | New York, dull red linen bodice lining w/ 3 CBties, sleeve linings in ivory & navy wide striped linen homespun

Augusta Auctions

August Auctions - 1775-1790 & lined w/ dark taupe homespun linen, skirt & sleeves lined in white & blue windowpane linen

Augusta Auctions

18C brown linen suit dyed with butternuts. Unlined coat with self fabric buttons, 10 front & 2 back, 2 pockets with flaps, Ch 36"and L 43". One pair matching breeches lined with natural linen, waist band laces at CB, 6 brass knee buttons, W 30"-32", inside leg 17", (knee bands' original buckles missing & replaced with buttons) Provenance: Mason family, Bristol, CT (view 6 of 7)

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MIDDLE CLASS MAN'S DAY SUIT, RHODE ISLAND, 1780s linen dyed with butternutts - from Bristol CT Note: interior constructions and no lining to the coat. See the underarm piecing at the seam

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. The 'everyday dress' is of a wool/linen weave in a white and green diamond pattern, probably from around 1550 (L'Abito della Granduchessa, p15),

Extant Dresses in Pisa: Updates on sewing and construction techniques from the Costume Colloquium 2008, Florence.

Nice caravan interior... - created via Love the windows!

Larger More Spacious Caravan: Enough Space for Full Timing?

At the Sign of the Golden Scissors: 18th c Ribbons

18th c Ribbons