Angy Salazar Briones

Angy Salazar Briones

Angy Salazar Briones
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Vestido creado con camiseta top y camisa masculina

Something to do with old special shirts :) dress made out of orange and blue striped mens dress shirt paired with a light blue stretch tank top

Como transformar una camiseta..Cute braided cut up shirt

This is happening today! Would love to make this for Yoga/Pilates, seeing as how you quickly run out of clean work out clothes when you go to the gym twice a day.<< ***Laughs as I roll over on the couch*** I do not go to the gym twice a day.

Hermosos #moños #tshirt

DIY bow back shirt bow back tee shirt tshirt -- knotted ties open back straps summer shirt looks so complicated but actually soooo easy --- can't wait to make more shirts for the summer February 2015