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Amigurumi Clementine Tree - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial

Clementines are symbols of abundance and good fortune in the traditional Chinese culture. The bright orange color of the clementine (or mandarin oranges) also symbolizes ‘gold’, hence the belief that the fruit will bring in wealth and good fortune.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Oranges in Preschool and Kindergarten {Free Printable}

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Oranges & Tangerines for "Luck & Wealth"; Chinese New Year Book List & 2 Free Printables (from Pre-K Pages)

Yes, Mandarin orange and kumquat trees are auspicious during Chinese New Year. Here's why.

Small kumquat trees or mandarin orange trees are often given as gifts to friends and business associates during the Chinese New Year. The orange or golden color resembles money and fortune. The mandarin oranges are meant to lift spirits.