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Keep an eye out for sprouts in the garden. A beautiful little film.

Le Zizi à Suzy / Suzys Willy by Loic Espuche. During playtime two curious children meet behind a bush.

mixing up the media compost in the garden

A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to make dreams come true. How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom?

hi ho silver!

Graduation film Inspired by the Opera Garnier, and especially Roland Petit, Jean Cocteau, Jerome Robbins and Marius Petipa. All the famous people names are in the end credits.

Don't be an ex animator

Adam Buxton - Livin In The Sunlight, Lovin In The Moonlight Directed by The Layzell Bros

Amazing work from Brisbane Concept  artist Jeremy Love

AVENGERS Cancelled Video Game Concept Art - News - GeekTyrant.I honestly didn't click through, but I know I wouldn't play the game. There's no way a Skrull, having apparently killed or incapacitated Iron Man and Captain America would be worthy to wield

Checking the garden Birdbox down by the fruits-of-our-labour orchard. Found some fever.

You can’t escape it! – live action fun and games, with & animation. Concept collaboration between MoveMakeShake & Bird Box Studio

even supermans garden needs fertalizing

Superman's Best Friend: The Short Animated Movie by Brett Underhill. After a long day working two jobs, Superman's duties never seem to end when Krypto decides that this must be the place. Beware of poop humor.

Soul Garden? Seoul Garden. Studio AKA visit Korea

SICAF 212 ''MOUNTAIN' by STUDIO AKA. AKA Director David Prosser’s response to a visit he made to Seoul earlier in the year - at the invitation of SICAF - and is drawn from his sketchbook observations of city life.

At last a new post on our blog :)

Our first public attempt at locking down some specifics about what the animation garden is and who it is for.