Animatronic Robotics

Animatronic Robotics
USA / Custom Entertainment Solutions specializes in the creating Animatronic Robots, Robotic Prosthetics and Humanoid Robots & Creatures for Movies, TV & Print Ads.
Animatronic Robotics
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The Animatronic Trade Show Handshake

Back in the and trade shows were all the rage for everything from retail cleaning products to medical devices.

How Do They Do That? With Animatronics!

" There are many things going on in films

Animatronic Bloody Hand- Chop!

Animatronic Bloody Hand- Chop!

Animatronic Top Secret Agent

james bond and archer animatronic

Animatronic Heads for Everybody!

This animatronic robotic platform is designed to make it easy to transition into animatronics.

Custom Androids

Simply plug him into a household power outlet and select which animation you want him to perform.

Mecha ToMoMi Robotic Head, The Next Mouse

Robotic head project - human expressions and facial emotions - Technion

The New Frontier of Custom Robotics

So is the enormous field of robotics.