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InuYasha and Kikyo...I used to hate her so bad! And I still can't understand why she came back to life, but after getting to know her better and relived his story I felt pity when she died.

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Cassandra Jarrell

The future is not straight line. There are many different pathways. We must try to decide that future ourselves. - Kikyo

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Kikyo. The priestess that was entrusted to protect the sacred jewel. She was betrayed by Naraku the day after Inuyasha promised to change himself into a human for her.

Inuyasha - Personagens

Kikyo, archer priestess, wounded and sealing InuYasha to a tree with a sacred arrow - screenshot from InuYasha, episode 1

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Kagome and Kikyo....2 different people....look almost the same....have almost the same souls...and love the same guy

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