Chicken wire ghosts! Cut, form, and spray with glow in the dark paint or cover with shear fabric (LINKS TO AN ACTUAL HOW-TO SITE). To help, here is another useful site:

How to Build a Wire Ghost

Wish it was easy to bend chicken wire! DIY Build a Wire Ghost - Outdoor Halloween Decorations - chicken wire and glow in the dark paint.

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Tips and tricks for throwing your own witches tea party

DIY Halloween decor ideas :: Use a white stocking with stuffing inside and add more spiders to the bottom then around. You could also put a glow stick in a water balloon and have it look like they're surrounding a glowing egg sack.

Shrunken Heads in Spiced Cider

Shrunken Heads in Spiced Cider

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Great tutorial how to make your own paper skull, more art inspirations and skull designs at

halloween paper mache skull tutorial -- this is the diy i feel like i've been searching for all my life. great way to make a lot of easily customizable skulls for CHEAP so awesome 😄

Happy Halloween from RJK Construction, Inc!

40 Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Stylish Home

Exterior Design, Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decoration With Spider Nets And Scary Graveyard: Spooky Halloween Outdoor Decorating Ideas For You

The Tim burton Collection by Guillermo Meraz Jack

Artist Guillermo Meraz creates an entire clothing line based off of the outfits of our favorite Tim Burton characters, like Jack and Sally.