Cute idea, reusable towels that you snap back together once you use and wash them!

Cute idea, reusable towels that you snap back together once you use and wash. Reusable Eco Friendly Snapping Paper Towel Set Choose by mamamade,

Vinergar kills weeds!

Vinegar Kills Weeds -I have seen this all over and wondered if it worked. This gardening site has testimonials of plain white vinegar as a weed killer. Make sure to clean your sprayer after using as vinegar is corrosive and will rust any metal parts.

lots of candles around yard

Elegant Tuscany Wedding II by Jose Villa - Once Wed

swirl votive candle light night wedding decoration yard Thinking rope lights might work Fun for other celebrations

A Hello Kitty House

A Hello Kitty House.when we went to look at houses, emma said she wanted a hello kitty house.we told her they didnt make hello kitty house.

great idea

we have been trying to come up with an idea around the trees towards the end of our yard. "If you have a leveled yard and trees, try this awesome DIY project. People of all ages will enjoy this mini sun deck.


Outdoor Deck Designs: Ideas for custom backyard decks. Like the built in planter on the side

Mark a horizontal midline on the wall, and hang all pictures above or below it.    Whoa - this is sort of brilliant.

Mark a horizontal line and hang picture frames or your childrens' art work on either side of the line.perfect for a back hallway

Linen closet organization from Better Homes & Garden.

Genius Storage Ideas for Every Closet in Your Home

Use a towel rod on the inside of the linen closet for holding blankets. (this is a good idea for back of guest room door too so if guests need extra blankets, they are easy to find): linen closet organization idea