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Isla de Flores Petén island

flores petan guatamala - Coolest little island town. It's a tiny city w/ cobblestone roads I the middle of this huge river off of Guatamala City

Flores-Peten, Guatemala. A gateway town to Tikal temple ruins. Where we will be staying during our visit

Isla de Flores, Petén- Guatemala - This picture does not do it justice. When I think of this adorable island I want to cry because I miss it so much! A hidden gem for sure.

El hermoso Quetzal, ave nacional de Guatemala, símbolo de libertad, porque no puede vivir en cautiverio

Resplendent Quetzal--the national bird of Guatemala--a traditional symbol of liberty because the quetzal cannot be bred or held in captivity; it is noted to kill itself after being captured.