cute baby photo idea - use baby feet as "v" to spell out love. Ladd - Baby Sofia needs a picture like this when she's born!

50 Examples of Family Photographs

50 Outstanding Examples Of Family Photographs. I'll be glad i pinned this one day Blanco I saw you pinned some family photo ideas the other day :)

Need to read article on improving Focus

Advanced Tips for Tack Sharp Images

I'm for anything to help take better photos. Advanced tips for sharp images. Definitely worth reading a couple times to learn everything.

Cropping Guide

Free portrait photography cropping guide

Free portrait photography cheat sheet: guide to cropping portraits - Cropping in an awkward position on your subject can end up ruining a perfectly good shot. ‘Yes’ areas are marked in green, while ‘bad’ locations are marked in red.

PHOTO  Turn off all lights except for the  Christmas tree, fstop 1.4, ISO 160, SS 115.

Photographing Kids in Front of a Christmas Tree from Faithful Steps Photography. Dark room (all the lights off in the house except for Christmas tree lights), f-stop ISO SS Make sure kids stand still. or have a couple kiss in front of the tree

How to affect depth of field: free photography cheat sheet

Find out how aperture, focus distance and focal length affect what will appear sharp with our free depth of field photography cheat sheet.

Free photography cheat sheet: master every aspect of landscape photography

For this infographic in our ongoing photography cheat sheet series, we decided to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of shooting landscape photography.


Free family portrait photography cheat sheet

So adorable

Wedding Picture Idea: Have your flower girl(s), a flower girl and the ring bearer or daughters/sons hold a frame up to the newlyweds!