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Hetalia - England and India<-- and England still has to sit with his legs crossed

Hetalia - England and India I imagine them being great friends and talking about every topic while eating curry or drinking tea

((Found on This is so pretty and it somehow makes me think of Black Butler I mean I don't even what-))

Looping The Young Victoria soundtrack all the way through this picture (even though CIV IV depicted an older Victoria). Gonna watch that movie eventually!

Hetalia Asians promoting their respective cultures to "tourists" (i.e. the rest of the cast). Top to bottom: Ka Lung (head-canon name for Hong Kong), Mei En (head-canon name for Taiwan), Thailand (need a name for him), Kim (head-canon name for Vietnam), Yong-Soo, Kiku, and Yao - Art by Uli

The Asians countries (Hong Kong Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and China) from Hetalia as drawn by Uli.