Have A Nice Flight

Funny pictures about Have A Nice Flight. Oh, and cool pics about Have A Nice Flight. Also, Have A Nice Flight photos.


How normal girls dance vs. How I dance. This is frighteningly accurate. Or how I THINK I look like when I dance vs. What I actually look like when I dance lol

Math in a nutshell…

Math in a nutshell…

i wish my high school math was this easy. And middle school math. Honestly it's more like from middle school to college it's all the same

4-panel Life

Funny pictures about Bad feelings. Oh, and cool pics about Bad feelings. Also, Bad feelings.

My. Life.

My life last week summed up in text messages.That was truly the best comic con I've never been too.*cries*<< I feel so lost. I've never been to SDCC and it hurts.

Funny. =)

I literally pretty much died inside when coulson died in avengers. Then I came back to life just to die again when fury showed coulson's blood stained training cards!

4-panel Life

4 panel life comic by Jen Jen Rose. -- probably me on that class trip we had a while back eek

I've had bad experiences with dodgeballs...and soccerballs...almost any sport ball...mostly head contact...I'm traumatized TT~TT

4 panel life comic by Jen Jen Rose. - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

4-panel Life

This made me laugh out loud, this is me with decision-making. Or grocery aisle. Or vending machine.