they french braided the plant hahaha! Keeping this idea for whenever I do my grand fairy garden that i keep dreaming about.

This would be INCREDIBLE to do!! I love it.

Stone Mosaic Garden Path :love the idea, Id upgrade it to meditative mandalas in the pathway. Step lightly on each moment - Gardening Sustain

Ruinenmauer aus alten Mauerziegeln

Ruinenmauer aus alten Mauerziegeln - umwerfend Would love to have need for a garden wall, just to build this!

Der Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. Mit etwas handwerklichem Geschick kann sogar aus einem alten Wagenrad ein attraktives Insektenhotel entstehen.

Couple of larger options of insect hotel design - wheel & freestanding

Sichtschutz aus uralten Zaunpfosten

Ronny is telling you:'Sichtschutz aus uralten Zaunpfosten'

Love the ruins look with the church window - this would work on the 'old mission' I want to make the carport turned deck into, with a stone outdoor fireplace, but something like this on back of barn/house, last stall/bedroom wall.

Kieselsteine im alten Holzbalken

Was macht man an solch einem verregneten Sonntag? In einer Regenpause,….